Monday, September 3, 2007

An Adoption Story

Wow! What a weekend! Saturday, Ashley and I met with an adoption attorney for just a preliminary consultation. During the meeting she asked how we felt about an older child. Although Ashley and I made a decision to share our journey with our friends and family, we have not communicated all of our adventures to everyone. A few months ago we were made aware of a little boy, four years old, who was living with his grandmother. The Grandmother was struggling with putting the child up for adoption. Ashley and I discussed the possibility of adopting an older child and found that we were both open to the prospect. Although the little boy did not work out for us, the experience allowed Ashley and I to realize that an infant is not the only option open.

So Saturday, when the attorney asked us how we felt about an older child we were able to answer quickly that we were indeed interested. The attorney went on to tell us about a 5 year old girl named Lizzy that would be becoming available immediately. We were shown a photo of Lizzy. She is a beautiful little girl adopted from a Russian orphanage in 2004. When you see the photo you will say "Russian?" "She looks Asian." We looked up the orphanage and it is on the Russia / China border. Ashley and I have a lot of love in our hearts for children and this one seems special to us. We feel the hand of God in this chance encounter and the timing.

We expressed interest in adopting Lizzy to the attorney during our meeting Saturday. The next day we were at a nieces birthday party. As we were getting ready to leave the party my cell phone rang. It was the attorney saying that the home situation for Lizzy was deteriorating quickly and that she that she was available for a trial adoption as soon as today. Needless to say the next few hours were a whirlwind of phone calls and conversations as we talked to both our
families and with each other. Right now, about 11:15 AM on Labor Day it looks like we will be getting Lizzy late this afternoon. Ashley and I are both planning to take off of work for the rest of the week as we withdraw Lizzy from her current school and get her enrolled in a school here. We also have to figure out things like health insurance and other items Lizzy will need right away such as school uniforms and a booster seat to name just two.

Sorry for the impersonal nature of a letter, an e-mail letter at that, but we have much to do and little time in which to get it done. I will try to fire off another missive tomorrow to keep everyone informed on how things are going.

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