Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More about Lizzie

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since we have updated everyone but we are back to work and school now and wow that makes for a full day. Oh by the way this is Ashley doing the e-mail so I just wanted to let everyone know that it won't be a tear jerker or as funny as Reggie's.

Lizzie started at Council with me on Monday the 10th. Give her another week and she will be running the place. She has adjusted very well. For those that are not familiar Council is a magnet school and we have speciall enrichment classes every day. (Library, Counseling, Science Lab, Art, Spanish Lab, Spanish class) also she has to change clothes/dress out for PE which means two uniforms a day. That is a lot for a 5 year old but Lizzie loves it and is doing wonderful. She is behind in letter recognition and letter sounds but we play letter games everyday afterschool in my classroom while I keep the 5th grade after school kids. I am seeing progress everyday. The hard part is she is tired in the afternoon so we have to work in small segments. She has sleep in the car on the way home just about everyday.

She is such a loving child she has to hug everyone she sees. It takes us 10 minutes to leave after school care because she has to make her rounds giving hugs to everyone. It is so sweet to see her.

Yesterday I had a hair cut appointment at 5:00 so we had a little time to kill between school and the appointment so we stopped for ice cream at Old Dutch. We get out of the car and she walks up flings the door open and announces, "Hi I am Lizzie Smith and I am new to this family." My heart just melts. Later when leaving from getting my haircut we go to get in the car and Lizzie says, Mommie I am glad you found me I was waiting a long time." We are just falling in love with her more everyday not sure how that is possible. She is a great kid.

As I am typing this she is playing with her play kitchen. She has a wonderful imagination. Just a second ago she came in looking for people to come to her party and I started name stuffed animals she runs off to her and yells hold that thought.

Well I have been invited to a picnic with teddy and bunny I need to attend before bedtime story and night night. Tomorrow is school picture day. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am tired this mommie thing is fun but 5 year old picnics after a day of teaching first graders wears you out.

Good night

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